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In an era when cycling was still magical, with races only broadcasted on the radio, and very few photos in the media. The times of Merckx, Gimondi, Hinault and Zoetemelk. Two brothers had a vision and started working on an innovative project: the development of highly technical cycling shoes.

A desire to create, develop and a passion for cycling allowed us to look forward and be innovative. We quickly realized we could use our expertise to develop new products and started focusing on a product that up until then had not seen much development in the market. We started developing technical cycling pads.

We started focusing on these products, that 40 years ago had a little relevance but we understood the importance they could have. This permitted us to open our minds for the future.

Designing new chamois, more comfortable, and with ever increasing performance has not been easy. We have had some difficulties over these 40 years, but this has allowed us to be more reactive and has us striving for improvements. We still remember spending all night testing pads. We tested pads with air inserts, we did tests of gel inserts padding, multi-density foam structures, the first bi-elastic pad, the first tests of HT90 with molded lunettes, the TMirror surface and finally the concept of the TM Armadillo. Sacrifices that have also given us many satisfactions.

Our ability to interpret the needs of our clients combined with our experience, make us the perfect partner for many of the worlds top cycling short brands. We are fortunate to have access to perspectives from the best cyclists in the world, they help us to create new technologies that can be used by all bicycle riders.

This special feeling with our sport and these technical innovations allow us to have a VISION. A vision wherein our existing technical innovations and and future developments, will be shared with athletes from all parts of the world, to guarantee comfort and performance for every cyclist.

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Technologies and Materials

The right way

How to position our pad for better results and maximum performance.


Traning or Race, Uphill or Downhill, Road or Mtb, TM Armadillo or Blade Sign, TMirror or Area 90, you can find the solution for all your needs by visiting our Pads section . A special experience that will inform you about our latest technical innovations of the New Generation range, as well as appreciate the Classic pad solutions with their characteristics.
Research and technological exploration are at the heart of the teosport world, a global center of knowledge based on years of passion.



A special collaboration with Team Androni Giocattoli, Optum, Piva-Teosport and Mastromarco teams permits to test all new product development. Riders from different categories, different ages, pro riders, semi-pro riders and amateurs guarantee a large feedback overview that can help to optimize final product.


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