“Keeping up with the times” is one of the most important principles at Teosport. We are constantly updating and proposing new products that align with the current market demands. We value innovation in our technological advancements, and invest time into our research in order to best meet our client’s needs in an environmentally-conscious environment.

Back in 2000, Teosport started a “green awareness” initiative that has become of the driving force for our new developments. We want to do our part to ensure that we archive maxiumum technicality while respecting our fragile environment.

How do we achieve this? By following the entire lifecycle of our products. We analyze the design, production, packaging, and shipment to our consumers and guarantee that the entire cycle is leaves the smallest imprint on our ecosystem as possible. This analysis includes contemporary methods in order to encourage recycling at the end of the product’s journey. By carefully mapping these steps, we are able to see and immediately improve on our production systems and hold true to our original, eco-friendly philosophy.

Some of the first steps taken were to reduce our emissions and air pollution that endanger public health and contribute to climate change. We make this happen by:

Optimizing our transport systems Choosing supplies who support our green initiatives Locating local technical labs to develop our products Encouraging the use of energy-efficient power sources Correctly disposing of our waste Reducing and recycling our packaging

In order of our suppliers to continue their partnership with Teosport, they must also adopt these practices and subsequently represent our core values regarding the protection of the environment.

One of the first results of our green efforts was more savings and less waste. These changes were made possible through less packaging, optimizing transportation of goods, enabling recycling in place of only waste containers, and finding ways to reduce our overall energy and water consumption.

In addition to all of these actions, Teosport is always striving to improve local work processes to protect the regional environment.


Our vision at Teosport gives us the unique opportunity to evaluate each product and truly dig into the processes involved with the production process. In this way, we can see our environmental protection efforts in action. Everything from individual products to the methods in which we work them is measured against a high standard. This includes an analysis of our fabrics and foams, and in-house processes such as our laminating techniques.

To further prove our dedication to these standards, Teosport submits these processes and products to Centro Tessile Cotoniero Institute for certification. A detailed analysis of all fabrics and final products is made with comprehensive laboratory tests to guarantee that our products do not contain substances that may be damaging to public health. We are proud to boast that we have had this procedure in place since 2003, and have the subsequent annual Oeko-Tex certificates to assure the eco-consciousness of our company.

The textile production process requires that the fabrics are treated with different chemical substances. These can include stabilizers, acids, salts, oxidants, flame-retardants and dyes. Each of these treatments are potentially harmful substances that can easily leave residues on clothing, such as arsenic, nickel, chromium, copper, cadmium, lead, mercury, formaldehyde, and allergenic dyes. This is why all of the fabrics and foams that make up Teosport products are put on the market exclusively following the Oeko-Tex certification requirements.



In the past few years, Teosport has revisited and revised all product processes while ensuring that all of the technical aspects of the products are respected.

Teosport has been working for years to guarantee maximum technicality with a minimal environmental impact. We have even created a range of products that has been made from recycled fishing nets recovered from the sea, as well as a series of fabrics from biodegradable yarns.


Recent research has shown that around 8 million tons of waste end up at sea every year, including 640 thousand tons of abandoned fishing nets (FAO and UNEP). This alarming data are indicators for a future where in the sea could contain more rubbish than fish. We must totally change our approach. It is necessary to respect nature and constantly reflect on the fact that the resources provided by our planet are limited. We need awareness. We need a change.

Since 2016 these “phantom nets” have, in collaboration with Sportwear Argentona, inspired TeoSport to develop this new functional fabric for athletic wear. We fully support this initiative that encourages a healthy recycling program and supports Healthy Seas, the company who conducts this ocean-cleaning project.

The recovered fishing nets, together with other materials, are delivered to a regeneration facility, where, thanks to a sophisticated and complex recycling process, they are regenerated in a new polyester thread that can boast the same quality as the virgin polyester, which is produced by weaving non-renewable fossil raw materials.

The obtained yarn is used for high quality eco-sustainable fabrics, and is able to ensure the same performance as the fabrics made with a standard polyester.

A new project that represents the green spirit of Teosport is the new e-go fabric.

It is a special composition that, due to the previous digestion by bacteria, guarantees an accelerated biodegradation. This fabric, made with Amni Soul Eco® yarns, is eliminated in about 5 years while competing and similar virgin fabrics may not decompose for decades.

Amni Soul Eco® yearns, (Biodegradable, analyzed according to the ASTM D5511 method), like other biodegradable products, decomposes in the landfill can become organic matter (biomass) and biogas that can be used as new resources for the environment and also for electricity cogeneration. In addition to these ecological characteristics, Amni Soul Eco® yarns meet the main needs of the market and guarantee maximum technicality in areas such as softness, comfort, dyeing quality, breathability and resistance.

Amni Soul Eco® technology is a new generation of sustainable yarns that are the result of a process that follows these Eco-Friendly principles: water reuse, limited CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and limiting the use of highly-polluting substances.

Mapify - test Biodegradable Ecofriendly

EcoFriendly Foams

We have conducted special research for our other supporting products. Even though Teosport already uses “Eco-Friendly” foams, the new challenge is to incorporate foams that are natural and environmentally friendly.


The First ever moisture-regulation foam

“The Green foam that is used is cellpur. This particular type of foam contains Tencel, an essential natural components derivation that makes the foam high performing and eco-friendly.

cellpur is a premium PUR foam with excellent moisture-regulation properties, obtained by integrating  Tencel fibers produced by Lenzing Austria, which are integrated into cellpur in the form of particles,  can absorb up to 70% of their weight in moisture. This moisture is temporarily stored in the particles, meaning it is no longer present in the surrounding environment.  

The Tencel particles integrated into cellpur quickly release the moisture stored inside them after use. Once the moisture has been released, cellpur is immediately ready to absorb more moisture. This results in an endless cycle that offers a permanently drier climate when used in a variety of applications.

cellpur can guarantee high technical characteristics: 

  • High elasticity
  • Long durability
  • High air permeability
  • Drier climate, absorbs, stores and rapidly releases the moisture again
  • Sustainability thanks to Tencel particles, which are extracted from wood, allergies are prevented due to maximum hygiene