Blade Sign 90 Plus Kid
Blade Sign 90 Plus Kid
CODE: BS102.BQ000-01

Blade Sign 90 Plus Kid

Blade Sign 90 Plus Kid, Teosport’s innovative, skived, technical chamois for children has extra support and super breathability. This smooth, high performance chamois is a favourite with elite younger riders and is suitable for long distance road, MTB and urban cycling. Training, competition and leisure, 8 hrs +.

2 layers of very high density 90 foam provide extra support, excellent breathability and reduce drying time. Blade Sign 90 Plus Kid incorporates technologies including Blade Sign; removing excess foam for softness and perfect support zones, Teosport Mirror technology; smooth top surface and inverted supportive layers make it extremely comfortable next to the skin; HT90 high tech shaping sets seamless wings at 90 degrees to reduce friction, skin irritation redness and discomfort. Very breathable and high moisture wicking performance. Fabric topcoat is printable.

Blade Sign is one of our most popular chamois categories, thanks to great shaping, clever construction, light weight, maximum comfort and affordable price.

Blade Sign 90 Plus Kid is suitable for boys and girls. It is available in one unisex model.

  • Printable fabric topcoat: Blazer
  • Suitable for: all cycling disciplines
  • Ride time: 8 hours +

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A: 28.3 cm
B: 18.4 cm

Technical details