PORON® Slow Rebound Cushioning Series is a unique custom contouring material that will continue to rebound to its original state after each ride position and road impact. PORON Slow Rebound Material will provide the right amount of support, cushioning and memory.
Unlike other memory foam materials that often offer users a one-time custom fit, the specially designed PORON Slow Rebound Cushioning surpasses all expectations by continually adapting and offering consistent support and fit for your every curve during each use.
Poron® cushion is able to distribute the weight and the impact evenly. These high technology characteristics are able to absorb road vibration, the impact of holes in the road and guarantee riders the best comfort and support.

Custom Fit And Support During Each Position And Use

  • A material that continually returns to its original shape after each use;
  • Custom, total contact fit helps to support stability and balance;
  • A good low impact absorption material that conforms to the body.

Maintains Performance

  • Long term comfort and excellent compression set resistance that will not break down with repeated use;
  • Open cell, breathable technology;
  • Distributes weight and impact evenly;