Since its inception in 2015, the TM Armadillo Project has been a challenge that we have conquered, linking our past research with our modern performance technology. We saw a need for a revolutionary product, something that had never been built in the world of cycling clothing. We had a lot of obstacles arise and had to expand our research to meet our new demands.

Our previous model, using the T-mirror concept, was already doing well on the market. But we wanted to design a pad that would double the comfort by ‘mirroring’ previously implemented features. This product was welcomed in the cycling community as a very successful modern pad. But we were not satisfied and chose to push further until we knew we had created something even more superior to our already successful model.

In the end, our biggest inspiration came from the animal kingdom. We asked ourselves which animal represented our goals, embodied traits such as protection, comfort, and resilience? Finally, we knew that the Armadillo was the best inspiration for our needs. An animal that is naturally suited to withstand the forces of weather, and protect itself from its enemies. A prefect specimen to represent all of our hard work.

The Armadillo borrows several features from our T-Mirror model. It uses the same strong foam that ensures comfort and durability. But the new cutting lines provide more performance in torsion, compression, inclination and ascension movements. We are so proud to have this product on the market, and we love the enthusiasm and positive feedback from our newest creation. Teosport will continue to seek and break new boundaries in the cycling clothing industry, and at 38 years of service, we still feel fresh and modern in today’s market. Our adventure is just beginning!